Monday, July 13, 2009

Small and Home Business Blog Carnival - July 2009

Welcome to the July 13, 2009 edition of small and home business carnival.


Anya Portnik presents Finding new client information, video 3 of 3 posted at Gavin Ingham.

Billeater presents Incorporate as an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp posted at Billeater.

Ben presents Start a Side Business in the Lazy Days of Summer posted at Money Smart Life.

Bobby Leong presents How To Find New Leads for Businesses posted at Internet Marketing Solutions.

Steve Patterson presents VistaPrint, As Easy as 1-2-3 posted at VistaPrint - 250 Free Business Cards, saying, "Nothing beats 250 free business cards from VistaPrint to network your way to more revenue and profits."

Fiona Lohrenz presents Guidelines For Preparing A Day Care Safety Statement posted at Child Care Only.

00FF00 presents Interview with Tom Lawton, inventor of the Firewinder posted at ooffoo, saying, "Ooffoo presents their interview with Tom Lawton, inventor of innovative wind-powered outdoor light, the Firewinder. Tom shares his tips on being an inventor, tells us what he's working on next (hint: eco fireworks???) and offers his perspective on nuclear energy, eating meat and humanity's chances of survival!"

Randy Cantrell presents Effort & Focus (And Their Enemies) posted at Bula! Life Is Good.

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter - Inner Peace Tip: Overwhelmed and Overworked posted at To The Heart of the Matter, saying, "Isn’t it amazing that with all of the technological advances such as cell phones, faster running computers, the Internet, texting, I-phones, etc that all of this is actually causing us more stress rather than relieving it. So what’s a person to do?"

Peter cantelo presents How To Lose a Customer *Guaranteed* posted at

brian young presents How Retail Security Should Keep Your Business Safe posted at Retail Security Products.

GeekMBA360 presents It's a lie: the owner went to Hawaii posted at GeekMBA360.

Entrenova presents Business succes - Lessons to learn (1) posted at EntreNova.

Shawn M. Driscoll presents It's Time to Kick Mediocrity to the Curb posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Meaghan Montrose presents 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Home Business posted at Colleen Palat.

Kevin Blaikie presents Make money working from the comfort of your own home! posted at How To Make money working from the comfort of your own home!

Welly Mulia presents Ultimate Footer Ad Review (Case Study Inside…) posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Kevin Blank presents Should I Buy an Existing Business posted at Integrity First Associates, Inc Blog, saying, "Maybe you should buy an existing business instead of starting one"

Mariano DiFabio presents Does Your Business Really Need Social Media? 10 Questions to Ask posted at The Web and You, saying, "Are you considering social media for your business but aren't really sure where to begin? Here are 10 questions that every business should ask before taking the plunge and developing a plan."

Ben Randle presents A Buyers guide to Security Camera Systems posted at Home Security Guru, saying, "Protecting your home business is vital. The application of CCTV security has not changed very much over the past years, but on the other hand, the tools and equipment have changed significantly. Surveillance cameras have become smaller, cheaper and better, but the major breakthrough has been in the recording equipment."

freelance advice

Simon Stapleton presents How To Leave a Permanent Job to Become a Freelancer posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "Leaving the safety and stability of a permanent job is a daunting task. Thousands (like You?) don’t chase their dream of being their own boss every day because they just don’t know how to make that leap of faith and hand in that resignation letter that’s gathering dust in their minds!"

Emilio Guarino presents Legitimate Ways to Make Quick Money on Craigslist: The No Overhead Moving Company posted at Big Fiddlin' Time, saying, "Part of a series I'm writing, devoted to money making ideas that payoff quickly, and are easy enough for most people to do."

Alisha Harmann presents The Healthy Living Guide for Web Workers: 50+ Resources posted at Nursing Online Degree.

Thursday Bram presents Do You Track Your Time? posted at

Carole DeJarnatt presents Presentation is Important When Selling Free Range Eggs posted at Fowl Visions.

Angela Dion presents Economy Woes and Don'ts posted at Write Words.

joseanes presents Fixed Cost vs. Time and Materials posted at Money And Investing, saying, "Pricing a contract: T&M or Fixed Cost? An Independent Consultant perspective on why he prefers Fixed Cost."

Vicky Ayala presents What is more important: your services or your clients? posted at Internet Mogal.

David Franklin presents Three Ways to Make Money from Home posted at Make Money From Home, saying, "This article contains three useful tips that anyone can use to make money from home."

Shashi presents Work From Home - Uncovering the 5 Supreme Benefits of Working From Home posted at Fusion Rental.

Nevil presents High End Direct Sales posted at Successful Work From Home Business.

money & finances

Savings Toolbox presents How to Save Some Money On Your Commute posted at Savings Toolbox.

BrandonLaughridge presents Microloans in Senegal, Sudan, and now…San Francisco posted at Mortgage Loan Place Blog, saying, "Kiva, a marketplace for interest free small business loans, has recently expanded into the US. Is it fair for entrepreneurs in developing countries to have the new competition?"

apply4-credit presents The Benefits of a Business Credit Card Still Ring True posted at Apply4-Credit.

Jason Hulott presents Have you got public liability insurance for your business? posted at Small Business Cover.

The Smarter Wallet presents Microsoft Money Software Review: A Look At Money Essentials posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, "A software package to help you run your business!"

Outshined presents Money for Time, or Time for Money? posted at Personal Web Guide, saying, "Passive income unfortunately is something that few people ever achieve... but why?"

Gerard presents Never Pay for Online Advertising Again posted at Best Online Moneymaking Tips, saying, "Are you looking to fund your part-time business from home through Internet Marketing? Don't be like the other Wannabe Online Marketers that continue to pay for advertising. They are part of the 95% outright failures. Join the 5% success gurus with this once in a lifetime Guaranteed Opportunity to not only make lots of money, but also build your opt-in list in the process. Its a limited offer, so click on the link before it expires."

Jeff Rose presents 7 Things To Know About a Solo 401(k) posted at Jeff Rose, saying, "As a small business owner you have the option of opening a Solo 401k. Here's some information on that plan."

aruntheace presents Making money with youtube posted at Money Fellas.

online business

Debbie Foster presents Why and How to Become an Infopreneur posted at Internet Income - The Journey.

Ace presents Adding A Profitable Online Solution To Your Offline Business: Your Website posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Christian Russell presents 3 Simple, Killer Steps to Improve Traffic and Monetize Your Blog or Website posted at Next Level Blogger.

Andre Gomez presents Using Social Network Websites to Grow your Business posted at QualityNetworkers, saying, "Marketing online is changing rapidly. A short time ago no one cared anything about the social network websites, at least not as far as business promotion is concerned. The world has changed....."

Debbie Ducker presents Correct Web Site Colors Can Increase Sales posted at Ducker Promotion Ezine.

barry walls presents Is Article Marketing The Optimal Way to Maximum Profits from Content for Newbies? posted at Strategic Outsourcers.

Barbra Sundquist presents How to Set Up an Aweber Autoresponder posted at HomeBusinessWiz.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Start an Online Business: Open an eBay Store, Build a Website or Blog posted at The Digerati Life.

FitJerk presents Fit Jerk Talks SEO Techniques, Internet Marketing & Laws To Run A Business Online posted at FlawlessFitness, saying, "Why isn't your website getting any traffic? Why isn't your online business making money? And why does your Google ranking SUCK? The 4 secrets to online success revealed..."

nissim ziv presents Best EBay business ideas for home based business posted at eBay Business Guide.

Kim Roach presents Hidden Traffic Sources posted at

Missy Diaz presents 7 Elements Of A Successful Website posted at G34 Media.

Robert Alan presents 7 Website Design Flaws to Avoid posted at Sell It on the Web, saying, "Here's a list of the top website design flaws to avoid for site owners and bloggers who earn a living online."

sales & marketing

Chris McClelland presents Marketing Minute with Jennifer: The Marketing Mix and Q posted at Lucrative Investing.

Everest John Alexander presents Free Video Marketing Series posted at Kaddeesh Blog.

Ken McArthur presents If You Want to Be Noticed, It Matters Who Hears YOu posted at Ken McArthur's Impact Factor.

Jaralyn Salangsang presents For Crafters: Tools To Help You Price Your Handmade Products posted at Creative Abubot.

Tushar Mathur presents Whats The Best Way To Get The Word Out About Your Small Business - Word Of Mouth Or Social Media? posted at Small Business Resource, saying, "If you have a small local (niche) market, cheap local advertising is somewhat effective for the purpose of exposure. However, I’ve found that word-of-mouth exposure pays off the best."

Managed Services presents Reduce Your Marketing Costs And Increase Results With Non-Traditional Techniques posted at Managed Services Blog.

Gloria Booth presents Personality Types: Blue posted at MLM Marketing UK, saying, "Find out how to multiply your chances of success by understanding the personality type of your prospect."

Peter OBrien presents 5 Ways Niche Review Templates Can Make You More Affiliate Income posted at Free Internet Marketing Tips, saying, "A great way to make more affiliate income is to increase your chances by promoting more than one affiliate product. With Niche Review Templates, you"

Ian Richardson presents Marketing Techniques Are More Important Than You Think posted at Make Everything EzyAs123, saying, "On the surface, most marketing campaigns appear alike. They mainly rely on the same advertising vehicles, involve the same types of agencies and tend to cost a fair amount of money no matter what.Why is it then that some campaigns turn companies into near overnight successes and others just fail to make the grade?"

Kevin Blaikie presents HOW TO - THE SECRETS OF INTERNET AND ONLINE MARKETING - WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums posted at jokijio.

greg Group presents How to Use Google Wonder Wheel for Keyword Search - Associated Content posted at Associated Content.

Rusty Shelton presents Free Quality Traffic posted at My Internet Marketing Journey.

Praveen presents I Wish I Was a Better Marketer... posted at My Simple Trading System, saying, "Importance of marketing - an example of how it trumps skill"

Jim Logan presents Would you bet on a duck to win a swimming contest? posted at B2B Rainmaker, saying, "There is a point where flexibility and volume of options can confuse a customer to the point of no decision. You can have so many options you appear to be a duck – you walk, swim, run, and fly — none of them world-class."

Singing Steve Bermann presents How to Be Successful With Google Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing posted at Click-Here-Now.To.

Susie Spring presents Best in Social Media - June 6, 2009 posted at Social Marketing by Michelle MacPhearson, saying, "Don’t miss out the updated posts on this blog about the Best in Social Media for June 6, 2009 issue"

Brian Terry presents How to make your subscribers love you posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Christine Range presents Marketing And Branding With Slogans posted at Christines Internet Marketing Spot, saying, "The primary goal when creating a slogan is to ensure it is one easily remembered and recalled. In essence, it speaks for the brand where pictures and images lack the ability to do so. Slogan selection done correctly leaves a prolonged effect on the minds of the customers and extends the marketing arm of your company’s products."


Haydee Sampiano presents Using Desktop Share for Online Meetings posted at Toktumi VoIP News, saying, "In this new era of business the need for a good desktop sharing application is becoming increasingly important. With the growth of virtual offices and restricted business travel online meetings are becoming the norm, no longer a novelty. See just how easy it is to increase the productivity of your online meetings with a good desktop sharing application."

Robert Alan presents Can You Build A Solid Virtual Team? posted at Sell It on the Web, saying, "Building a virtual team for your home-based business."


Cal Hardesty presents How Do I Start Blogging? posted at mlminertiapresents, saying, "Presently, we can definitely say that online communications are probably the most successful and effective ones worldwide; they save money, time, while also allowing transactions, commercial advertising and even business administration. Blogging is part of this general trend of putting everything on the web, regardless of whether we are talking about business, hobbies or personal stuff. There are some basic guidelines that lie at the foundation of any blogs; therefore, we could say that you need the ABC of blogging before actually starting to enjoy it. The most important thing for the creation of the blog is the purpose: why do you create it for?"

Oliver Kennett presents Tips on blogging posted at Star spray, saying, "I’m pretty new to this blogging malarky and as such cannot be considered any sort of guru. I am however the same as a majority of people trying to make it as a blogger, either for financial reward or the nice warm gooey feeling inside that makes life worth while."

Andy presents $200 Article Writing Contest posted at Health Fitness Article Directory, saying, "We decided to put together an article writing contest. Winner will get $200 (paid through paypal). Contest is open to anyone who is willing to write a health, fitness or nutrition related article."

Michael Hopkins presents How do I Get my Text into Ebook Format and Distribute/Sell it Online? posted at Ebook Times Blog.

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