Monday, June 8, 2009

Small and Home Business Blog Carnival - June 2009

Welcome to the June 8, 2009 edition of small and home business carnival.


Tisha Tolar presents You Must Be Able to Say No posted at Empowering Mom.

The Smarter Wallet presents Find Business Success In A Bad Economy: Managing A Failing Business posted at The Smarter Wallet. presents Identity Thieves Now Targeting Companies posted at Spend On Life.

Simon Stapleton presents Freelancer Negotiation: Will You Factor? posted at Career & Personal Development for CIOs, Technical Professionals and Self-Professed Geeks, saying, "Setting prices for freelance gigs is not an easy task. I am sure you know what I mean. It’s a dichotomy – you want to earn as much profit as you can, whilst at the same time offering an attractive price that your customer believes offers them value. Somewhere in the middle is the right price… ain’t it?"

debt kid presents Looking Forward posted at DebtKid.

DebbieDragon presents How to Find Freelance Clients: Part One posted at

Praveen presents "The 15-Second Principle" - Great book for Self-Growth and Entrepreneurs posted at My Simple Trading System.

Anya Portnik presents Finding new client information, video 2 of 3 posted at Gavin Ingham.

Get800today presents Time Zones and Businesses Can Mix Well posted at

Corbett Barr presents 6 Lame Excuses for Not Starting Your Own Business posted at Free Pursuits.

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter - The Power of Words and Thoughts posted at To The Heart of the Matter, saying, "It is important to watch the words that you use and the thoughts that may be ruminating around in your head. It is believed that we have between 60,00 to 80,00 thoughts per day and most of them are repeats from yesterday. This article provides helpful tips to become aware of your words."

Free Radical Ray presents The Accidental Entrepreneur posted at The New Economy, saying, "What appears as the death throw of a failing economy is actually the natural evolution and transformation of a modern society. Large corporations are being forced to bow to this force, shedding off excess to allow the decentralization of the economy, and in the process, sparking to life a new, leaner and more efficient infrastructure – you."

Wren Caulfield presents Adventures in Cake, Installment One posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking, saying, "Starting a small business."

Aditi Walsh presents Turning Adversity into Opportunity posted at Web Marketing Rebel, saying, "So, what is adversity to the entrepreneur? Once understood, it can be used to inform our goals and visions. Misunderstood, it will feed our excuses and lingering doubts about what we want for our business and our life."

DM Smith presents Garage Sales: A Lucrative Business? posted at Dmsmithblogger's Blog, saying, "small business idea"

Gin G. presents Weekend Home Working posted at Sense Scribe, saying, "A weekend or two for a second income is a great idea. Read and share with your friends and family."

Shawn M. Driscoll presents 5 Reasons You Keep Getting Stuck posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Jim DeSantis presents 5 Tips to Choose the Best Home Business Opportunity For You posted at Work At Home Reviews by Jim DeSantis, saying, "Because of the Internet, there has never been a better time to launch a home business. Millions of people are choosing to work from home and make money on line. They are involved in more traditional network marketing, scheduling parties and selling products to their friends, neighbors, and family. But, millions more are using their home computers to make money on line. How can you know what the best home business opportunity is for you and whom can you trust? I hope you will trust us and follow these tips:"

Scott H presents 10 Economic and Business Pro Tips from World of Warcraft posted at College and Finance, saying, "The economic recession, investor panic, and the numerous bailouts might have been avoided if only CEO's and Wall Street traders weren’t n00bs, and had played World of Warcraft to learned these Pro Economic and Business lessons."

MBR presents Business Insurance Basics posted at, saying, "Whether you’re a business owner, a risk manager or an executive, have a large or small business or employ five people or 500, purchasing the right insurance coverage is essential to your business plan."

Jim Logan presents The most important revenue number you present in a business plan posted at B2B Rainmaker, saying, "The companies who best answered the questions above weren’t guaranteed to be successful, but the disproportionate number of companies who could answer the above questions in detail were."

money & finance

Jeff Rose presents Surviving an IRS Audit — Tips for Small Businesses posted at Jeff Rose.

Brian Reilly presents Zen and the Art of Creating Competition in Merger and Acquisition Deals posted at Merger and Acquisiton Advice, saying, "How to get the best price when selling your business"

jim presents What Is A Good Credit Score? posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents FNBO Direct: Best Online Savings Account, ETrade Bank Interest Rate At 3% APY posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "where should you put your liquid funds? Here are a few suggestions."

Cindy Morus, The Money Mender presents Separate Accounts for Business and Personal Expenses posted at Mend Your Money, saying, "Question: I want to start a business. Do I need a separate checking account? ~ Monica"

Donald presents How to Make More Money posted at Life Optimizer.

freesoftware presents List of Best Free Software for New Computer posted at I Love Free Software, saying, "It is very important to have legitimate software on your computer for Work at Home. This is the list of the best free software that you can install on your computer. We searched all over the web, and compiled this list of best free software. Each one of these is best in its class, and still totally free. You are going to love these!"

Mark Aucamp presents Can small businesses survive this recession? posted at Talk Money Blog, saying, "Contributing author Mark Aucamp has been providing Talk Money Blog with regular Money Saving Advice advice and comments. Mark has extensive experience in providing Debt Management, Best Mortgage Advice and solutions. He is recognised as an authority in the field of debt management and mortgage advice. Find out how to clear your credit card debts legally!"

Tushar Mathur presents Small Business Lending Improving posted at Small Business Resource, saying, "It’s finally happening. Efforts to get money to capital-strapped small businesses are beginning to work as banks have returned to making loans backed by the federal government, according to Karen Mills, the new Small Business Administration (SBA) head."

online business

Steve C presents Growing Pains That We Are Experiencing With Our Online Business posted at

Ryan McArthur presents Online Home Business and Legitimate Money Making Opportunities posted at Ideal Income.

larry Johnson presents The Real Secret To Building A High-Profit Internet Business posted at Home Business Views, saying, "Building an Internet business is easy."

John P Franks presents How Does Affiliate Marketing Work to Make Money on The Internet posted at Reputable Affiliate Programs, saying, "If you are new to the idea of a home base business and you want to make money online, then Affiliate marketing is an excellent place to start."

nissim ziv presents Ways to make money on EBay - business ideas posted at eBay Business Guide.

Shaun Connell presents The 10-Step-Plan: How to Make Money Online posted at Make Money Online, saying, "The Internet is filled with thousands of blogs that teach tips for making money online — unfortunately, very few give you a detailed tutorial for how to build your own website that will contually earn an income indefinately. That’s what this page is for."

Ross B presents Internet Riches Book Reviews posted at MoneyStance - Money Making Opportunity Reviews, saying, "Scott Fox has created an inspiring guide to developing your own online business, exposing marketing secrets used by internet millionaires, disclosing e-business legal guidance, and also including exclusive interviews with dozens of entrepreneurs to examine why they have succeeded and how you can mirror their success."

Fernando Reyes presents Get Web Leads posted at Get Web Leads, saying, "Get Web Leads is a web 2.0 social site dedicated to providing sources of lead generation to online entrepreneurs and those in the home business industry."

Guido Nussbaum presents Tried And Tested Ways To Increase Website Traffic Using Free SEO Tools posted at Traffic Witch Blog.

Franck Silvestre presents How Do I Make My Own Website To Start An Online Business posted at Internet Marketing Mentor.

Brian Terry presents 4 Easy Website Design Using Free Web Design Software posted at Big Selling Website Design.


Dana presents Battling it Out During Tough Times: MBAs vs. Entrepreneurs posted at Investoralist, saying, "Which group is better-equipped for the tough times, MBAs or entrepreneurs?"

Adrian Ma presents 5 reasons why freelance designers should brand themselves posted at The Corpus Callosum.

sales & marketing

Susan Tatum presents Retailers Use SEM & Email, and So Should You posted at Technology Marketing by Tatum Marketing.

charson le poisson presents Email Marketing Tips posted at Interact through writing at, saying, "Email marketing can be planned in several ways. One of the major things to consider when sending out an email is to test the campaigns and see if that entire email strategy can pull you many visitors on your website. The question you ask yourself is that in case many people subscribe to your email list, and they all want to purchase a product you advertised in your email campaign, do you have the resources to turn yourself into a mega-marketer."

Ace presents Internet Marketing for Beginners: Google Adsense and Adwords posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Jeremy Smith presents It’s Not Me, It’s You: Three Pillars of Social Media Marketing posted at Social Marketing by Michelle MacPhearson, saying, "Learn more about the Three Pillars of Social Media Marketing from this blog"

Steven Leung presents The Importance of Using the Right Metrics posted at Integrated Marketing Experts, saying, "As an entrepreneur with a small business, you don't have the same resources as the big players, so you need to do as much right the first time as possible. Here's a lesson learned from one of the world's largest companies about choosing metrics for measuring success and the cost of sticking with the wrong ones."

Jeremy Reeves presents Lowering Sales Resistance In 5 Easy Steps posted at Picking The Brain Of A Freelance Copywriter, saying, "If you're trying to overcome and lower sales resistance quickly, these 5 tips will help you do it."

Ian Richardson presents New Technology, Turn Articles into Live Talking Videos in one click posted at Make Everything EzyAs123, saying, "Article marketing is being talked about a lot online, and many of us know how effective it can be in generating traffic. Now imagine being able to turn any article into a video as easy as 1 2 3!"


Tash presents Sales emails posted at Word Constructions.

Gregory E. Rouse presents Finding Freelance Writing Jobs posted at Best-Home-Business-Opportunity Blog, saying, "With the Internet, freelance writing has never been easier. Publications can be read online, queries can be sent with email and new opportunities to be published are popping up daily."

Thursday Bram presents I Don’t Do Reprints — Much posted at

EE presents 5 Things I’ve Learnt About Making Money on the Internet posted at Web Career Girl, saying, "A few important lessons learnt on my road to making money online through writing and blogging."

Joanne Collins presents Maximise the Life of Your Articles posted at Jo's Reviews And Ad Space.

James presents Work at Home Freelance Writing About Cars posted at Making Money Freelance Writing, saying, "If you have decided to try and make money freelance writing, you may find yourself in a rut after a few weeks trying to settle on primary area of focus. If you know anything about cars or trucks, both are great niches to focus your freelance writing efforts! Not only can you get focused on an area, but there are enough sub-niches in the overall car category that you can ultimately end-up starting one or many blogs on sub-niches as you become a more experienced writer to make more money online!"

Joshua Seth presents How To Write Your Book In A Month posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "I don’t have to convince you that writing a book can really boost your business do I? A lot has been written about that already. You know that writing your own book will give you instant credibility in your field, opportunities for publicity in your business, and a way to presell your customers with educational content that will lead them back to you as the person they know, like, and trust to solve the problems you address. So why haven’t you done it yet?"

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